Horse Costumes

Equestrians everywhere will love our variety of horse costumes and masks for Halloween! These hoofed farm animals are always popular among kids and adults on Halloween. Unleash your inner graceful animal this year by becoming a horse. Purchase your horse costume for kids and adults today!

Horse Costume Ideas and Tips

Everyone loves a good two-person horse costume on Halloween! You can also go solo, or however many people you want, with our huge variety of horse costumes. Whatever manner of horse you’re planning to be for Halloween, you can find what you’re looking for when you click through our website! You can find outfits that make you look like you’re riding a horse, or be the horse yourself. 

You can also go from cartoonish to realistic when you look through the huge array of choices you have among our horse costumes. You can find a mask that will make people think a real horse is making its way into their Halloween party, or just a cute face that will make everyone smile. You can even get some friends in on a bigger horse costume that’s sure to impress people with its coordination—even if you’re not too well-coordinated when you’re walking around inside it!

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