Hunger Games Costumes

This girl is on fire! She is Katniss Everdeen and she, along with Peeta, is the winner of the Hunger Games. You can be her when you order one of our Hunger Games Halloween outfits. We have a great selection of Hunger Games costumes and they are priced affordably. Order your Hunger Games costume online today and we will ship it to you quickly.

Hunger Games Costume Ideas and Tips

Can you outlast them all and survive The Hunger Games? Put on one of our Hunger Games Costumes and find out. We have several licensed Katniss Everdeen costumes, replicas of outfits worn by Jennifer Lawrence in several of the films in the franchise. Katniss loved her sister, Prim, so much that she volunteered as tribute in her sister’s place. During The Hunger Games, tributes battle to the death until there is only one survivor. 

But Katniss upset everything and (spoiler alert) both she and Peeta were declared the winners. More rebellions followed, including an overthrow of the government. Show your daring, rebellious side off when you get ready for battle and dress in your Katniss outfit. Perhaps you’d like to play the game your way. That is why we carry huntress outfits. Put one on and be a contestant ready to battle on your own terms. In addition to costumers, we have prop bows, arrows and quivers, because you can’t be in The Hunger Games unless without them. The odds will always be in your favor when you order from us. We have great prices and fast shipping.

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