Inflatable Trex Costumes

Let out a mighty roar while wearing the popular Inflatable T-Rex costume. Thanks to big blockbuster movies such as Jurassic World and just a general love for dinosaurs, people have been making these items go viral. You are bound to have lots of fun running around trying to flail those little arms. Pick out your own inflatable trex costume to stomp around in!

Inflatable T-Rex Costume Ideas and Tips

Behold the mighty tyrant king! Become the mighty prehistoric beast when you put on one of our Inflatable T-rex Costumes. These suits are both fun and fearsome. We have both adult and child sizes and selections include licensed Jurassic Park costumes. Put it on, inflate the costume and you are head taller than you were before. In the Jurassic Park series of films, a Tyrannosaurus Rex has played a big role. 

Initially, she attacks the humans in the park, including pushing a car down a cliff, but in the end her actions save several when she attacks Velociraptors threatening the surviving humans. During the fight, Dr. Grant and the rest of the group escaped. The movie ended with a might T-Rex roar. In subsequent films T-rex attacks Japanese tourists in San Francisco, another battles Indominus rex, and another escapes somewhere into the US. All films end with a T-rex roaring. At the end of the most recent film, Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom, a T-Rex roars at a lion. Be the fearsome beast, order a costume today. 

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