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IT is coming. IT is a malevolent created that stalks children of a town in Maine, killing many of them. IT’s most common form is a clown named Pennywise. You can be Pennywise the clown and penny wise with your budget by ordering an IT costume from us.

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If you are wondering where the mass fear of clowns originated, blame Steven King. His horror novel IT made scores of readers fear this horrifying creature and that extended to all clowns. Tim Curry frightened even more people with his Pennywise portrayal in the 1990 miniseries. “We all float down here” has given audience nightmares for more than two decades. Bill Skarsgård stars as this evil being in the 2017 film and he is poised to make even more people afraid of IT and the circus.

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The first victim of IT that we see is George Denbrough. His older brother, Bill, is haunted by little his brother’s death and forms the Loser’s Club with Ben, Eddie, Beverly, Richie, Stanley and Mike to stop IT. They defeat the creature and all move on to live separate lives until years later when Pennywise returns. The Losers get back together as adults and fight IT once more.

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Our Pennywise Halloween costumes include a clown jumpsuit and mask. The most important component is the mask, which shows his frightening face. IT costumes are available at low prices and are shipped promptly, so order today.

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