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IT is coming. IT is a malevolent created that stalks children of Derry Maine, killing many of them. IT’s most common form is a clown named Pennywise. You can be Pennywise the clown and penny wise with your budget by ordering an IT costume from us. Buy your Pennywise Halloween costume on sale now!

It (Pennywise) Costume Ideas and Tips

Since its first publication in 1986, the name Pennywise the Dancing Clown has sent shivers down the spines of people both young and old. Soon after its release, Stephen King's "It" was not only a national bestseller but an instant horror classic. In 1990, the novel was adapted into a miniseries by ABC television. It was universally praised upon initial airing, and went on to be commonly known as one of the greatest horror films of all time. King's tale of the city of Derry and its evil curse struck a cord with fans due in part to its dense tension-filled narrative about six troubled kids and their quest to conquer the embodiment of fear, but most of credit for It's longevity and notoriety belongs to the character of Pennywise, who introduced and cemented a fear of clowns into the American consciousness. Almost thirty years later, in 2017, the theatrical reboot took the country by storm and once again made people realize why the sounds of circus music and manic laughter are the base ingredients for a nightmare. Both iterations of Pennywise's iconic costume are almost unbeatable in terms of frightening Halloween costumes. With a simple and easy style, a Pennywise Halloween costume is your ticket to a fright night full of shocked screams!

Types of It Costumes

Pennywise 2017

The Pennywise costume, as worn by Bill Skarsgard in the 2017 remake, stayed true to the spirit of the original while still maintaining a new and edgy retro style for the next generation. Darker, both in color and tone, this new face of terror looks like an escapee from a 1920's traveling circus; where the original more resembled a contemporary birthday party clown. The result is a jaw-dropping costume which creates a haunting visual that resides deep in dark halls of the mind. This new style of Pennywise isn't as colorful, choosing weathered and muted tones. But what it lacks in vibrancy, it more than makes up in sheer scare potential.

Pennywise 1990

Pennywise Halloween costumes have been a staple of trick-or-treat routes and haunted houses ever since the original miniseries hit the airwaves. That first costume, worn by actor Tim Curry, served as the blueprint for what we now just referred to as the "scary clown costume". A bright red Bozo the Clown wig and nose combined with a frilly billowy clown suit became what was expected when speaking of a killer clown. This version feels like a psychotic slasher serial killer, instead of a more supernatural fright present in the remake. Original Pennywise is a dark evil existing in a bright world, which is both intriguing and unsettling.

Scary Clown Costume

You don't have to choose a Halloween costume from Stephen King's It to take advantage of the maximum fright potential of the scary clown. All you need is some white face paint, red paint for your lips and cheeks and any clown suit you like to have a one-of-a-kind, original scary clown costume that is guaranteed to make people squirm wherever your Halloween celebration takes you. Terrifying on its own, you can double down on the horror when you add a plastic prop knife or other toy weapon. Attend any Halloween party with a group of friends dressed as a pack of wandering clowns and know that your presence is in the back of every partygoer’s mind. Scary killer clown is an easy and inexpensive way to get a lot of bang for your Halloween buck. 

Pennywise Party Decorations

Go all out this Halloween when you adorn your house with an array of decorations inspired by Stephen King's It. Red balloons are the telltale sign that Pennywise is near, and there is no better way to provide a foundation for your It theme than bouquets of this simple and contextually chilling party supply. Add a few wall decorations or Pennywise cardboard cutout for the ambiance of your party to take a flying leap into the creepy and foreboding. Tensions will be high at the snack table with the yellow eyes of Pennywise casting a watchful gaze. Create a fully realized and developed It party theme to give your guests an unbelievable Halloween experience they will talk about all year long. There are many popular horror movie titles, but none provide a dreaded sense of immersion like the one you will be providing. Check out our entire selection of party decorations and supplies featuring and inspired by the It films.

IT is coming. IT is a malevolent created that stalks children of Derry Maine, killing many of them. IT’s most common form is a clown named Pennywise. You can be Pennywise the clown and penny wise with your budget by ordering an IT costume from us. Buy your Pennywise Halloween costume on sale now!

Pennywise Infographic

Did you know that Stephen King originally intended It to be his final horror novel? The undisputed king of screams saw the story as the ultimate journey into the full experience of fear, and after so much previous success in the genre, was ready to put that behind him and move on to tell other stories in fresher ways. 

Clearly this idea was short-lasting, as the author continues delight us with fright to this day. But there is much more about this celebrated title that you might not know. The layers of the story are numerous and beg the casual fan to dive in and discover as much as possible about it's characters, themes, imagery and trivia. To get even deeper into the methos of this fascinating horror villain, check out the Pennywise infographic in our costume blog. Make sure you are all caught up so that your Pennywise costume is more than just a scary face!

Horror Character Coloring Pages

Maybe you want to celebrate your favorite horror characters in a more passive and less terrifying way. We have a terrific selection of horror character coloring pages available to print on our costume blog. Have a look around and choose one of the genres most iconic characters to put your own spin on. Color them as they appear traditionally, or think outside the box for a fun new design of your own making. Do you think Count Dracula would look better in an orange cape? Perhaps you want to show your friends and family the fright that can come from a Wolfman colored purple with yellow polka dots. Ok, that's a bad example, but you get the point. The choice is yours when you unleash your creativity on this collection of classic movie monsters. Easy to print, this is a fun and exciting way to experience Halloween fun all year long.

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