Jack Skellington Costumes

Transform into an important member of Halloween Town this year with a Jack Skellington costume. The curious and charismatic skeleton is an unforgettable character. Surprise everyone with a nostalgic costume from the hit 1993 animated film purchased at a low price. Get your Jack Skellington outfit today!

Jack Skellington Costume Ideas and Tips

He’s the master of fright, demon of fright and he will scare you right out of your pants. He’s Jack Skellington, star of The Nightmare Before Christmas, and we have many costumes available for you to wear. What’s this? It’s a Jack Skellington costume for men. What’s this? It’s a Jack Skellington costume for boys. We also have a Jack outfit designed just for women. 

Include your pooch in on the fun with a pet costume. Jack is and exceptionally thin gentleman -- probably because he is all bones -- who wears a pinstripe tuxedo with tails. He is king of Halloween but wants to expand his horizons – don’t we all? – and sets out to find all about Christmas. He misunderstands most of the holiday but recognizes its appeal and decides to take over Christmas and give Santa a night off. Things don’t go well, but in the end, everything works out. This makes a great Halloween and Christmas outfit. Order yours today.

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