Jake & the Neverland Pirates Costumes

If your son or daughter wants to be a pirate this Halloween, our supply of Jake and the Never Land Pirates costumes are perfect. These costumes are fun, age appropriate and are guaranteed to be a hit with all of their friends. Jake and his friends Izzy, Cubby and Scully are always just trying to have fun when mean, old Captain Hook shows up and steals the fun away from them. Together, the young pirates have to take it back from Hook and Smee, Hook's sidekick. The fun-loving children compete with the dastardly pirate for treasure, storing their gold doubloons in their team treasure chest. The show has a large cast of recurring characters who add depth and intrigue to each episode. The Disney Junior show is universally loved by critics and audiences alike, who say that, for a children's show, it is surprisingly both entertaining and educational.

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The show is set in Never Land, the world made famous by Peter Pan. Jake and Izzy live in Neverland, based on Peter's example. All they want to do is have fun, and they hate it when Captain Hook - Peter's old nemesis - takes their fun away from them. Jake has a wooden sword that Peter gave him and Izzy has a bag of pixie dust that Tinkerbell, Peter's fairy companion, gave her. With these tools in hand, and with the help of some fun-loving companions, these children have some incredible adventures that bring joy to their young viewers and their parents at home. Buy your Jake and The Never Land Pirate costume for Halloween.

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