Halloween's never been so scary as when you pick out our Jason Voorhees masks and other Friday the 13th costume. The son of Pamela Voorhees is the star of several classic horror films, and best known for his days of killing and haunting Camp Crystal Lake. Nobody will have you mistaken for any other character this Halloween once they see you donning the hockey mask and carrying your machete. We don't recommend stalking any campers while wearing this costume set, but you'll sure do some scaring this October if you're dressing like Jason.

Jason Voorhees Costumes

Horror movies are appreciated by men and women from different generations, and you can recreate the classic look of a renowned villain in a few easy steps and with some help from Costume SuperCenter. Whether you want to be identical to the antagonist of Camp Crystal Lake or put a sexy spin on him, you'll have all of your friends shrieking this October when you put on the hockey mask.

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