Jawa Costumes

Be a little alien scavenger for Halloween this year. Order a Jawa costume and transform into the first alien race seen in the Star Wars film franchise. Our choices include outfits in boys and men’s sizes. But don’t let the names full you; women and girls can wear them too. All Jawa costumes are available at prices that can’t be beat and will be shipped to you quickly, so order today.

Jawa Costume Ideas and Tips

You’ll be one of the most memorable aliens from the Star Wars universe when you go out on Halloween in one of our jawa costumes! Our many jawa costumes offer all kinds of different ways to rock the look of the most recognizable inhabitants of Tattooine. The jawa are hooded raiders that trade with the other residents of Tattooine, and they can be seen in A New Hope when the Skywalkers buy R2-D2 and C-3PO from them! You can be one of these mysterious desert merchants when you put on the sandy robes and hoods of the jawas. 

Choose from among our jawa costumes to find the one that’s right for you! And for extra fun, why go out alone? Jawas come in tribes, so you’ll need a bunch of your friends with you in a group costume to really capture the vibe of the jawas in Star Wars. Shop our jawa costumes today to get the best Halloween costume in the galaxy!

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