Jedi Costumes

Star Wars isn't just a movie franchise, it's a phenomenon with its own culture. And no wonder. It carries with it a "force" that can only be matched by a true Jedi master. Fortunately, there is a wide range of Jedi Halloween costumes to assure that you can get in on the action and help keep the universe safe from the Dark Side.

Our Jedi robes are officially licensed and available for men, women and children. We also carry various light sabers and glow sticks that not only keep you prepared for when the dark side attacks, but will also help keep you and your kids safe and visible while out trick-or-treating.

Whether you are looking to dress up as the wise Jedi master, Obi Wan Kenobi or another Jedi Knight, you will find many different robes to choose from. Men, women and children are all free to be Jedi warriors when they wear these costumes. Exactly how far you want to delve into the Jedi experience is up to you. You can simply get a hooded Jedi robe to springboard your training or even use them to take your imagination to whole new places. You and your child can even be Jedis as part of everyday play.

For those who prefer the complete package, there are also Halloween costumes that leave no guesswork as to exactly who you are supposed to be. Our child's Obi Wan Kenobi costume comes complete with tunic, pants with attached boot tops, belt and mask. If master isn't in the cards for you or your little one, he can be a knight, like Luke Skywalker. With the influence from characters like Obi Wan and Yoda, this is a look that will persuade anyone to the light side this Halloween.

Of course, Star Wars isn't just for kids. There are plenty of adult options too, whether you are playing Jedi with your child or heading out to a Star Wars themed party. Adults too can choose from simple Jedi robes, or a full Jedi costume that includes a tunic with armor, pants and boot coverings. There's an adult costume designed for women too, proving the force will not discriminate when it finds the right warrior.

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