Jerome Costumes

Ready for some evolved combat? How about evolved costumes? When you shop our selection of Halo Costumes, you will find licensed Jerome costume sets, perfect for Halloween or playing Halo with friends. A muscle chest jumpsuit with helmet is just one of the outfits available to order from us online today.

Jerome Costume Ideas and Tips

Commander Jerome is an inspirational leader. Can you be one too? Start by ordering a Jerome Costume. Jerome is a Spartan super soldier in the Halo universe. Spartans are genetically augmented warriors who protect humans from the alien Covenant. In this bleak future, The United Nations Space Command has colonized many worlds, bringing the attention of the Covenant, who want to destroy all humanity. 

When you are dressed as Jerome, you will be responsible for the survival of the human race. It is a lot to put on the shoulders of one person. That is why UNSC created the Spartans. Together they protect earth and the colonies. Our selections include muscle chest costumes in both adult and child sizes so you can look augmented too. Order today and you can lead the Spartan Red Team in the Battle of Acadaia. Don it for a Halloween or the next time you play Halo Wars 2 with your friends. 

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