The Joker is a character who projects the dark humor as Batman's most popular nemesis. This troubled comic book villain has mastered the expressions of innocence and confusion that so often accompanies a twisted and demented mind. Our selection of Joker costumes capture that concept. The masks, the outfit and the accessories are designed to reflect the facial expressions that have made the Joker a legend within the comic book, television, video game and movie industry.

Joker Costumes

With the right combination of personality, knowledge of the emotions and expressions that make the Joker such a humorous villain, in addition to the right costume, you can strike fear in the hearts of everyone else at the Halloween party or comic convention. Add a Joker wig. Comb down the tangle of hair so that it lays flat on your head. Now outstretch both hands, palms up, and shift into that wonderful facial expression that proclaims the innocent "Who me?" look that Jack Nicholson brought to life in the 1989 version of Batman the movie. Or muss the wig up, smear makeup around your eyes and draw in a smile that is anything but pleasant and channel the late Heath Ledger's interpretation of the character from The Dark Knight.

The options are limitless. Study the movies. Each item in our Joker collection is designed to help you capture the elusive nature of this popular character. From the scholarly image of a humorous lecturer to the dark rage of revealed insanity, our Joker costumes will help you play the role with perfection.

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