Justice League Costumes

What's more powerful than Superman? Try Superman teamed up with some of DC Comics' other superheroes like Green Lantern and the Flash. That's why we suggest teaming up with your friends and dressing in our Justice League costumes this Halloween. Our collection of officially licensed DC styles will make sure that you do each of the characters justice. Buy Justice League costumes today!

Meet the Justice League [Infographic]

Don't just buy the costumes - Know your heroes! With Costume SuperCenter's Meet the Justice League infographic, you'll know just why Superman has his powers while your red cape blows behind you and where exactly Wonder Woman hails from while you swing your lasso. You'll be dressed for success and ready to defend Gotham, Metropolis or any other city with this little bit of help!

Wonder Woman Infographic

With the 2017 release of Wonder Woman, DC Comics got its first hit movie! Starring Gal Gadot as the titular character, the movie follows Diana of Themyscira as she enters the world and is met with the horrors of World War I. Costume SuperCenter pulled together this Wonder Woman Infographic to give you a rundown of all the characters in the movie to add to your viewing experience!

Five Facts: The Batman [Infographic]

Sure, the Justice League has familiar names like Superman, Wonder Woman and the Green Lantern, but perhaps no hero in this super group is more mysterious than Batman. That's why Costume SuperCenter is bringing you this Bat-fographic with five facts about the Dark Knight. Learn about which United States university offers a class on the Caped Crusader, and what exactly Batman has in common with a certain resident of Transylvania.

Justice League Costume Ideas and Tips

If you’re more DC than MCU, we’ve got the costumes for you! Our Justice League costumes will let you become a member of your favorite superhero team, and save Gotham City from any Arkham escapee that comes your way! Whether your favorite Justice League member is Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, or Aquaman, you can find everything you need to step into that character’s shoes. 

We have bodysuits that will make you look like you just stepped off the set of one of the DC universe’s movies, and accessories that you’ll remember from crucial moments in the Justice League franchise! And why stop at just one Justice League costume? Get your friends together for a group costume and you can get the whole Justice League out on Halloween to fight crime together. When people see the whole team together, they’re sure to be impressed with your coordination! Check out our Justice League costumes today!

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