What's more powerful than Superman? Try Superman teamed up with some of DC Comics' other superheroes like Green Lantern and the Flash. That's why we suggest teaming up with your friends and dressing in our Justice League costumes this Halloween. Our collection of officially licensed DC styles will make sure that you do each of the characters justice.

Justice League Costumes

The Justice League formed when aliens invaded Earth. Both Superman and Batman showed up to fight them off, but these extra terrestrials proved too difficult to defeat. Luckily other superheroes, such as the Flash, Wonder Woman, Hawkgirl, and Green Lantern joined them soon after. After these heroes successfully took out the aliens, they realized that some tasks are beyond their individual abilities and that they needed to band together.

The League's next challenge was figuring out how to work together. With the superheroes' big powers came big personalities, and not everyone got along easily. To add to this, each hero had a different view of how to handle threats, and they struggled to come to an agreement on many issues. We're sure that you side with some of these heroes more than others. Become the one you most admire for the next comic convention with an outfit from our vast collection for kids and adults. No matter if you prefer Superman to Batman or vice versa, these looks will have you covered.

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