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LEGO Movie

Who doesn't like LEGO? Well, that was actually a trick question because everyone loves LEGO. The colorful building blocks have been entertaining people for decades, allowing them to pursue the hobby and build whatever their hearts desired. Of course, LEGO was also adopted into a variety of video games as well as movies like The Lego Movie and The Lego Batman Movie! Playing with the blocks and little yellow characters is one thing, but seeing them move and interact with one another puts a whole new perspective on the entire LEGO idea.

Just because LEGO is catered more towards children, that doesn't mean that adults should miss out on the fun. Those who enjoy working with their hands and have fun constructing enormous sculptures or intricate buildings have seen the previous movies, and are certainly looking forward to future releases as well. Speaking of the movies, a very famous superhero stars in them, and one that anyone and everyone is sure to recognize-- Batman! 

LEGO Batman Costumes:

Imagine if the iconic Batman character was transformed into a LEGO version of himself and had to fight crime in the LEGO version of Gotham City? If you have watched The Lego Batman Movie, then you don't have to! The LEGO movie takes Batman's cast and turns everyone into a LEGO character. Aside from the Dark Knight himself, the movie includes Robin, Batgirl, Joker, Harley Quinn, and some other memorable characters from the comic books.

 Now picture yourself becoming one of those characters for Halloween, or for any LEGO themed party! Choose your favorite superhero or villain from the movie and turn yourself into them. At this point, you are no longer you because you are now your favorite character, LEGO-ized! And yes, we will admit that the arms might create some awkward situations, but they have plenty of room so you'll have no problems either fighting crime or causing mayhem.

LEGO Ninjago Costumes

Being a ninja is certainly fun because it involves a lot of parkour, jumping, and running, but a LEGO ninja is pretty interesting as well. This is where The LEGO Ninjago Movie comes in! Turn yourself into one of the characters from the movie, and just in time for the costume party! Whether you want to be Kai, Lloyd, Cole, or any of the other ninjas, our costumes are certain to make you look like the actual characters straight out of the movie.

Better yet, you can upgrade the costume's look by adding various props and accessories, particularly weapons that are used in the movie. Having that spot-on look to them, the weapon props add the costume more flavor and style, which means that accuracy will not be a problem. Team up with the other ninjas by asking your friends to become them and set out to the party as the real Ninjago team!

Kids LEGO Costumes

Is your child a fan of LEGO? Do they enjoy building various houses, statues,  buildings, robots, and so on by using the colorful blocks? If the answer is yes, then how about turning your child into one of the LEGO characters? If their birthday is just around the corner and you want to create a LEGO themed party, then why not do just that? Better yet, how about one that is a costume party? Have all of their friends come in dressed up as a LEGO character while the lucky birthday girl or birthday boy is dressed up as their favorite character.

It's not just birthday parties, however. Halloween is the perfect holiday for them to dress up in a LEGO costume.  They can be a Ninjago LEGO character, a character from the Batman LEGO movie, or from the original movie if they want to. The possibilities are truly endless!

Adult LEGO Costumes

You may be thinking to yourself, "Am I too old for a LEGO costume?" Well, truth be told, you're never too old for any kind of costume, especially if you happen to be a fan of the character, movie, video game, and so on. There's absolutely no shame in coming dressed up as your favorite LEGO character because you have a bunch of options! First, if you are taking your child trick or treating on Halloween and they are wearing a LEGO costume, you can fit in with them by turning into a LEGO character as well. Second, if you love Comic Con and attend all possible events, cosplaying is always part of the experience. And let's be honest, what kind of LEGO Batman fan wouldn't want to cosplay as him?  Considering the fact that you are an adult who is fascinating with LEGO, you have plenty of experience underneath your belt. You can probably construct one of those life sized statues, right (which we, by the way, think is very impressive)? And if you can do something like that, and win a competition on top of that, then wearing a LEGO costume makes a lot of sense. It just does!

LEGO-inspired Coloring Pages

Planning for a birthday party is pretty simple when it comes to decorations, food, and of course, the cake. But what about activities? What kind of activities would be suitable for a LEGO themed birthday party? How about LEGO Coloring Pages! Have the guests color the pages and either try to make them as detailed and accurate as possible, or something unique and original. Who ever said that LEGO characters must be strictly yellow? Why not make them green or blue? Better yet, you can switch the colors and have their clothes yellow while the skin is the opposite color. 

Family LEGO Costumes

We know that there are families that have members who are all obsessed with LEGO. We honestly won't judge them... In fact, we encourage them to transform into various LEGO characters and celebrate the costume party or Halloween party as them! Have mom dress up as her favorite character from The Lego Movie, while dad dresses up as the main character. As far as the kids go, they can turn themselves into kid versions of those characters. Talk about body doubles!

Just imagine everyone's reactions when your family comes to the party and you are all dressed up as LEGO characters. Creative? Yes. Cute? Of course! Family friendly and appropriate? Absolutely. You'll be receiving compliments left and right from neighbors and other guests!

Finally, if the whole family wants to look like an actual LEGO family, then accessories and certain props are a must. They don't necessarily have to be LEGO themed, but they can definitely bring the costumes more accuracy. For example, if dad dresses up as a LEGO construction worker, then a screwdriver, hammer, or saw would be perfect! And if the son is set to be a Ninjago character, a bow or sword would be absolutely perfect.

LEGO Batman Posters

Is your LEGO sanctuary missing some art? If that happens to be the case, these free printable posters are exactly what you need to make the room look more stylish and awesome.  These posters are modeled after the various Batman movie posters, except that they have been given a LEGO makeover!

LEGO Batman Pumpkin Carving Stencils

Giving your pumpkins a Batman look for Halloween isn't just cool, it's also very creative and unique! Print out these free stencils and carve out your future jack-o-lanterns for the spooky holiday! Whether you want a superhero or villain stencil, we got you covered. You can also match your costume t some of the stencil designs if you wish. 

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