King Costumes

Spend this Halloween living like a king! We have a great selection of royal Halloween costumes for men and boys at fantastic prices. With our fast shipping and easy online ordering, you’ll be your favorite royal ruler in no time! Get your King costume today!

King Costume Ideas and Tips

You’ll have a royal Halloween when you go out in one of our king costumes, so browse through our selection so you can get going with your coronation! All these king costumes are fit for, well, you! You can find costumes that range from simple to the most regal and luxurious king costumes possible, so it’s up to you how fancy you want to get. Not only do we have royal robes, but we have accessories like crowns and scepters that will make you feel like you’re doing your Halloween shopping in the Tower of London! 

After all, you’re the king. You can also get some friends together for a group costume, since you’ll need a queen, a court jester, and some knights to complete your court! When your whole entourage walks into a party with you, everyone will know you’re a monarch to be reckoned with. Shop our king costumes today to find your rightful Halloween costume.

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