King Tut Costumes

Ready to go dancing by the Nile? Order a King Tut Halloween Costume and beware of crocodiles. Our garb is worthy of royalty but priced for the common man to afford.

King Tut Costume Ideas and Tips

Everyone thought King Tut was dead, but that was before you brought him back to life in one of our King Tut costumes! You can step into the sarcophagus of the boy king this Halloween in one of our Egyptian royal costumes. You can find King Tut costumes here that range from silly to serious, so you can choose how you want to pay tribute to the most famous pharaoh of all. 

When you walk into a Halloween party wearing the long ornamental beard, headdress, and white robes of an Egyptian pharaoh, everyone will be impressed at your period accuracy! These King Tut costumes all include beautiful sets of robes that will awe everyone you see. You can even get together a group costume and dress your friends up in some of our other Egyptian costumes as a complement to your own! When people see King Tut accompanied by a whole court full of other ancient Egyptians, they’ll know you went all out with your costume!

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