Knight Costumes

Fear not fair maidens! It is I, your brave knight here to slay the dragon and save you from a life with the evil king! Be the hero in this Medieval fairytale by wearing a valiant and fully accessorized knight costume. You'll be her gallant knight in when you wear one of our charming armors on Halloween night. With choices ranging from full armor to medieval costumes and gear, you'll find exactly what you need to be the most valiant lord of the Round Table. Buy a knight costume online today!

Knight Costume Ideas and Tips

Brush up on your chivalry this Halloween, so you’ll know how to do justice to one of our knight costumes! Knights were the paragons of virtue in the Middle Ages, so when you’re wearing one of these knight costumes, everyone will know that you’re pure of heart and bold of deed. 

Whether you’re one of King Arthur’s knights of the Round Table, or playing a different role instead, these knight costumes will make it easy for you to get psyched up for a joust, or marshal your courage to slay a dragon. You’re sure to save the princess when you’re wearing one of these suits of armor, especially if you stock up on accessories before you go out on Halloween! When you walk into the dragon’s lair with a sword and shield from among our wide selection, no one will stop you from claiming your lady love. Shop our knight costumes today so you can go off on a quest as soon as possible!

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