Knight Costumes

Fear not fair maidens! It is I, your brave knight here to slay the dragon and save you from a life with the evil king! Be the hero in this Medieval fairytale by wearing a valiant and fully accessorized knight costume. You'll be her gallant knight in when you wear one of our charming armors on Halloween night. With choices ranging from full armor to medieval costumes and gear, you'll find exactly what you need to be the most valiant lord of the Round Table. Buy a knight costume online today!

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If Halloween is a time of fun and games, why not sport the manly armor of a dutiful chevalier? We offer a prime selection of gear, including body and armor, head wear, gauntlets, shields and swords. You'll love our wide selection for men---we even offer a plus-size version a chivalrous man of any size can be a medieval gentleman. A Knight in Shining Armor must have the essential pieces such as a helmet, armor, pants and shirt--- some include a tunic or tabard. We everything you need to be dashing and valiant, even if it is just one night. If you want to go all out this year, then be a nobleman such as this. You'll have your pick of fair maidens indeed. Find the best knight costumes for sale online!

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