Leopard/Cheetah Costumes

Race to your next party as the fastest animal in the world this year with your Cheetah costume! Even if running isn’t your thing, you at least look the part this season with Costume SuperCenter’s very own selection of Cheetah and Leopard Costumes. If you can’t be the fastest one, then at least look it!

Leopard/Cheetah Costume Ideas and Tips

These leopard and cheetah costumes are the cat’s meow! Our affordable collection of jungle cat themed costumes comes in a style and range that works for just about everyone. From adorably fluffy toddler and infant sizes, to ruffled girl ensembles and sexy women’s costumes. There’s an option available for everyone. Order a comfortable jumpsuit with a matching mask or a cozy winter dress in a snow leopard print. 

Or pick up a version with a ruffled skirt and matching headband. If you’d rather piece together your own DIY ensemble, you can order a glamorous masquerade mask or our children’s accessory kit and pair them with a leotard or leopard print clothing. Dressing up has never been easier! Leopards and cheetahs may be solitary animals, but with women’s and children’s options, you can mix and match a big cat costume for the entire family. Order one of our affordable leopard and cheetah costumes online now.

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