Leprechaun Costumes

Take a journey over the rainbow to find your pot of gold while you strut your stuff in these awesome Leprachaun costumes! Enjoy your Saint Patrick’s Day in high style this year with only a few clicks of your mouse.  

Leprechaun Costumes

Take a journey over the rainbow to find your pot of gold while you strut your stuff in these awesome Leprachaun costumes! Enjoy your Saint Patrick’s Day in high style this year with only a few clicks of your mouse.  

History of Leprechaun

If you have ever celebrated St. Patrick's Day, then you have probably seen or heard of a little, green clothed, and bearded man that is commonly associated with the Irish holiday. But what exactly is a leprechaun and what does it have to do with anything?


In Irish folklore, leprechauns are a type of fairy who partake in mischief and practical jokes. While they are not playing pranks on their victims, they are busy mending and making shoes, while having a pot of gold hidden somewhere at the end of a rainbow. According to legends, if a leprechaun is ever caught, it will grant its captor three wishes in exchange for freedom.


As you might have imagined by now, leprechauns are fairly popular in Irish folklore, so it's no surprise why they are so commonly associated with St. Patrick's Day and why party goers are always on a lookout for a person dressed up as a leprechaun.


And it's not just the holiday that is associated with these fairy creatures! Things like movies, (i.e. Leprechaun), commercials, and so much more have taken the image of a leprechaun and used it in storytelling and product promotions, including our costumes and leprechaun themed accessories!

Leprechaun Costume Ideas and Tips

Top o’ the morning to ya! We’ve always heard about leprechauns guarding gold at the end of the rainbow. Why is it sitting in a pot and do they ever use it to buy something? Maybe you can find the answer when you dress in a Leprechaun Costumes. We have quite a few to choose from so take your time browsing through our selections and pick the one that is best for you. 

All our items are multipurpose and can be worn on Halloween or St. Patrick’s Day, but some may be better fitted for certain events. Marching in a parade on St. Patrick’s Day? That’s when the leprechaun mascot set comes in handy. You’re completely covered so no one along the parade route will know who you are. And if your team has a leprechaun mascot, wear it to a game. If you don’t want to be a leprechaun, then ride on one when you order a ride-a-leprechaun costume. And don’t forget to look at our accessories, which feature green top hats and more.

Men's Leprechaun Costumes

Planning to celebrate St. Patrick's Day or Halloween, or perhaps even both, can seem a bit of a hassle when it comes to choosing a costume. You want to look stylish and fun, but at the same comfortable, especially if you plan on using the same costume for both holidays. What can you do if that happens to be the case? With our options, you can settle on something that is sure to help you out.


Turn yourself into a real leprechaun for the holiday celebration and dress up into a stylish green suit, a fun looking hat, and a fake beard that is pretty much an obvious leprechaun giveaway. However, if the costume seems to be a bit much for you in terms of size and you want to be a bit more comfortable, then no worries! We have leprechaun themed shirts and kits that are cool, thin, and still stylish! All you have to do is wear a leprechaun t-shirt and upgrade the look with a vest, or a hat, and that's all there is to it!

Choose the perfect look that is completely up to you. If you want to be pull off an actual leprechaun look, a costume suit is the perfect choice. But if you want to be more comfortable and still look like a leprechaun, we are certain you'll find better options.

Women's Leprechaun Costumes:

Sure, a leprechaun is a male figure with a big, bushy, and orange beard, but that doesn't mean that you are limited to your options when it comes to celebrating St. Patrick's Day or Halloween in style!

You can easily pull off a leprechaun look by upgrading yours with a clover vest, or a big and green top hat. If that isn't enough for you and you want some kind of costume to feel like you are really ready to celebrate, then a Lucky Charm costume is the perfect idea! With a bright green dress, green and white stockings, and a cute little green top hat included in the costume kit, it's almost like you are a leprechaun's wife. Just be sure to be nicer than an actual leprechaun and not as mischievous.

As we have stated above, a full costume might seem a bit much if you don't plan to wear it for too long and want something smaller but at the same time as festive as the costume. No worries!  Believe it or not, but a hair pin can be just as great as a full top hat! With a hair pin disguised as a leprechaun's hat, your St. Patrick's Day celebration just became a bit more fun.

Leprechaun Costume Accessories

After you have settled on your leprechaun costume, what happens next? Surely you want to look like the real deal and be as detailed as possible, right? Luckily, our selection can help you out and help you achieve that leprechaun look you've aimed for.


If your costume is missing a top hat or some kind of vest, those upgrades can definitely help you out! Not only do they give the costume more flavor, but they add that classic leprechaun look as well. And how can we forget about the beard? If you don't have a beard suitable for a leprechaun look, one of our kits can and will be of assistance. Attach the beard to the hat, or tuck it underneath the hat and you should be good to go. The only thing left is some kind of map to mark the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow...

St. Patrick's Day Facts

You may be planning to celebrate St. Patrick's Day, but do you know why you are celebrating it? Sure, it may be common practice in the United States, and the saying "Everyone is Irish on St. Patrick's Day" has some sort of meaning to it, but what is the purpose of all of this? And what do leprechauns have to do with anything?


Here are some interesting facts when it comes to the leprechauns. Although they are commonly shown on various St. Patrick's Day decorations, there are no female leprechauns whatsoever. Traditional Irish folklore depicts male leprechauns and neatly dressed young girls instead. Get more interesting facts on our blog, St. Patrick's Day facts.

Leprechaun Costumes for Couples

Here's an interesting idea to consider if you are going as a couple to a St. Patrick's Day party, parade, or any other celebration. Have yourself wear a leprechaun costume and the other person a pot of gold costume! How interesting and unique would that be?


Remember when we said that in Irish folklore leprechauns hide a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow? Two costumes that complement one another would be ideal for any and all St. Patrick's Day parties and festivities! However, we should probably warn you that if you do turn into a leprechaun and get caught, either expect to give away the location of the pot of gold or grant your captor three wishes.


You can also try and be original when it comes to couple leprechaun costumes! Care for some double trouble? Have yourself and the other person dress up as a pair of leprechauns and cause mischief at the party! Who misplaced the chips?! Why would anyone dare to do such a vile thing? Where did the soda go? We bet it was those two leprechauns behind the prank. You can also mix and match other costume ideas to create an original and unique look that will wow the rest of the guests.

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