Link Costumes

Slash your way to an awesome Link costume from Costume SuperCenter when you see how great the price is. The Link costume from Costume SuperCenter offers a variety of choices for adults and kids. Combine awesome prices, a great selection, easy online ordering, and fast shipping for a link costume look that’s sure to make you the Hero of Hyrule.

Link Costume Ideas and Tips

Looking for a legendary outfit for Halloween? Check out our Link costumes and become part of the legend of Zelda. In the Legend of Zelda video game series, Link is the hero of the series and goes out on quests at the behest of Zelda or to save her. The kingdom of Hyrule has been saved by him many times over and he has fought many villains, including Ganon. 

In the first game, he was just a boy but has grown up over the years, though he is usually not older than a teen. He is a descendant of the Knights of Hyrule. He is a worthy character to become on Halloween. Can you wield the Triforce of Courage? If you can, then order one of our costumes today. This hero often dresses like an elf and wears a floppy hat and a green tunic and we have licensed Link costumes with the same style for both adults and children. Order yours today.

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