Luigi Costumes

Be number one with Nintendo’s greatest number two! Costume SuperCenter proudly offers you this excellent variety of Luigi costumes this Halloween season. When the Mushroom Kingdom is in peril and Mario is out of commission, it falls to you to save the day. Stomp and jump through any obstacle in your way and save the princess this season! Thankfully, with Costume SuperCenter’s amazing prices and easy online ordering, stopping Bowser couldn’t be easier. A perfect outfit for twins! Buy a Luigi costume for kids and adults today!

Luigi Costume Ideas and Tips

Bring a plumber is a lot of work and plumbers should always get respect. Sometimes they don’t, especially when they have a more well-known brother. So let’s give it up for Luigi and celebrate this green-clad plumber in a Luigi costume. Luigi is one half of the Nintendo’s Mario Bros. 

Some say the better half. There is a little rivalry going on between the two, but when things get tough, like when Koopas are attacking, the two work together. Mario got his start first, in the Donkey Kong video game, but Luigi has been around for a long time too. In the original Mario Bros. game, Luigi and his twin bro Mario fought off turtles and other creatures in the sewers. Since then, he has been in several video games with his brother and was the sole star in two. Before you can be ready to fight Bowser, Wario, Goombas and other villains, you need the right outfit. Order from us today.

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