Lumberjack Costumes

Swing your axe around in any of our Lumberjack costumes. These outfits have been styled and modified to look like something a lumberjack would wear. Life can be rough out in the woodlands which is why a tough customer such as yourself will have no problems dressed in one of our lumberjack costume ensembles.

Buy a Lumberjack Halloween costume available on our costume website

Take on the role of the hardened outdoors type. Grow out that beard, bulk up your frame, and get to work chopping and hacking down some trees as a burly woodsman. You will become such an expert axe-man that you can wield two axes at once and juggle some chainsaws at the same time. Make yourself look like Paul Bunyan or come up with your lumberjack story.

Find the perfect Lumberjack costume for toddlers, kids and adults

We offer a few different styles to the Lumberjack outfits. Pick out your favorite lumberjack plaid shirt and suspenders and then add different a toy axe and beard to the order. We have lumberjack costumes for toddlers, kids and adults. We also carry sexy female lumberjack costumes for women. If you have an infant or toddler then buy them an adorable baby lumberjack outfit. Make sure everything is ready for your next Halloween party, costume event, county fair and plenty of other events. Wearing one of our lumberjack Halloween costumes could mean you become the star of your very own folktale.

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