Marilyn Monroe Costumes

Marilyn Monroe was a Hollywood icon of the 50s and 60s who is still revered and endeared today by men and women alike. In the movies this simple girl was transformed into a sexy glamorous star, and with our help you can transform yourself, just like Norma Jean did, to look just like the actress she became.

Marilyn Monroe Costume Ideas and Tips

When girl-next-door Norma Jean transformed herself into the sexy Hollywood bombshell Marilyn Monroe it was a bit of a lengthy process. But for you to become the infamous vintage actress for Halloween or cosplay, all it takes is a scroll through our Marilyn Monroe costume collection. With costumes, wigs, and accessories available at affordable prices, you’ll be sure to steal the show at your next Halloween or cosplay event. 

Pick up an iconic white Marilyn Monroe dress. Or create your own DIY ensemble and pair one of our platinum blonde wigs and Marilyn Monroe jewelry kits with your own costume pieces. Don’t forget to check out our collections of ‘50s and ‘60s style costumes and accessories to perfect your ensemble or create a group theme with your family or friends. Some like it hot … but our prices are so cool you’ll want to shop our Marilyn Monroe collection online today.

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