Mario Costumes

Relive your Super Mario Bros. childhood with a Mario costume for Halloween! The charismatic Italian plumber is an unforgettable hero who always protects the Mushroom Kingdom. Get your Mario costume today!

Mario Costume Ideas and Tips

It’s a gonna be a good day when you dress up like Mario! What can be more fun than dressing as your favorite video game character? Mario was a breakout star in the Donkey Kong video game and he rose to great heights in all the games that followed, including Super Mario Bros. 

Now anyone can be Mario. We have costumes for men, boys, girls, toddlers and women. The ladies have the choice of wearing traditional overall pants or a stylish dress. If you don’t want a complete Mario outfit, just order his red and white hat with a big M that is front and center. You can wear the hat any day, not just on Halloween, and it’s a great accessory for gaming days. Once you put on a Mario costume, you will have the urge to jump over mushrooms, rescue princesses and throw barrels. Don’t worry, that is normal.

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