Marionette Costumes

There are going to be many strings on you when picking a Marionette costume. Marionettes are puppets that can be controlled through attached strings and hand movements. Our items are meant to look like dolls that have been crafted for puppeteering. They are great in quality and priced very low for all to enjoy. Entertain everyone around when wearing one of these ensembles.

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Marionette Costume Ideas and Tips

There ain’t no strings on you. But there could be when you put on a Marionette Costume. Marionettes have delighted people for centuries, perhaps as far back as ancient times. A marionette is a puppet controlled from above by a puppeteer who operates strings or wires attached to various places on the puppet. 

The most famous marionette is, of course, Pinocchio, the puppet made by Geppetto who wants to be a real boy.  Howdy Doody is another. He is the freckled puppet who had his own television show in the 1950s. Another marionette with his own 1950s televisions show is Andy Pandy. Sometime after the 1950s, pop culture was filled with many films and stories about evil dolls and puppets, including marionettes. Will you dress as a happy marionette or an evil one? We will let you decide that one. Browse through our selection of marionette costumes and place your order today. 

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