Animal Masks

Animal masks are a great costume addition; they can even be a costume in themselves. Animal masks come in all shapes, sizes, and species; the sky is the limit when using an animal mask. Your mask could be made of paper, plastic, feathers, or fur. It could cover your whole head, your face, or just your eyes. You can even mix and match animal components to create your own hybrid animal. Masks are a great last minute costume solution because they are so versatile.

If you have limited time to come up with a costume, you could wear all black clothing, and then simply add a cat mask and a tail. You could also wear normal everyday clothes with a chimpanzee or monkey mask; after all, people do dress their primates in real life. If you want to your animal costume to stand out in the crowd you can add accessories or embellishments to your mask. A bear mask could be paired with a bib, a pipe, an apron, or a crown. The bear is no longer simply a bear; it has been transformed to fit into classic fairy tale lore. You can be mama bear, papa bear, baby bear, or even a royal bear. A butterfly mask could be added to a dress, wand, or wings for a fast and easy butterfly princess costume. A cat mask could easily become cat woman.

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