Animal Masks

Animal masks are a great costume addition; they can even be a costume in themselves. Animal masks come in all shapes, sizes, and species; the sky is the limit when using an animal mask. Your mask could be made of paper, plastic, feathers, or fur. It could cover your whole head, your face, or just your eyes. You can even mix and match animal components to create your own hybrid animal. Masks are a great last minute costume solution because they are so versatile.

Animal Masks Ideas and Tips

It’s a jungle out there!  Join the party and put on one of our Animal Masks.  They are great fun and can be the pièce de ré·sis·tance of entire costume or a way to turn your everyday clothes into something fun.  Selections range from latex over-the- head masks to simple masks that cover only your eyes to everything in between. Some of our most popular selections are photo real masks.  Each mask is created using a photo so that it looks like a real animal not an artist’s interpretation of one. 

Be the king of the beasts when you wear a lion mask or become a silly hen.  Zebra, panda, pig, grinning monkey, pug dog and camel are just some of the photo real masks that are available.  Other mask styles include furry monkeys, 3-D goat heads with horns, rams with moving jaw, and leopard mask with jeweled accents. There are so many that we cannot name them all here. You can see them all when you browse through our selections.

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