Medusa Costumes

Medusa has been a thorn in the side of Greek mythological heroes for ages. Originally a buxom beauty, she was punished for daring to question Athena. Though she was condemned to haunt caves and scare off heroes for eons, the modern day Medusa has a swagger and sex appeal that is hard to resist. She doesn't allow herself to be closed off from the world anymore. Buy a medusa costume for Halloween today!

Buy A Medusa Costume Today!

Medusa is one of three Gorgon sisters of Greek Mythology, generally described as a winged human female with snakes instead of hair. Those who look upon her face are turned to stone. It took the Greek hero Perseus beheading the serpentine gorgon to stop her.

Shop Women's Medusa Costumes For Halloween

A sheer and flowing dress complement the exotic and intriguing head-wear in many Medusa costumes. Golden adornments and low cut neck lines mesmerize and draw in the eyes of her victim and allow her to move in for the strike. With snakes in your hair, you will feel like a part of history while sauntering over dance floors and through archways, captivating every man within sight and turning them into stone. So get your medusa outfit and wig today!

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