Medusa Costumes

Medusa has been a thorn in the side of Greek mythological heroes for ages. Originally a buxom beauty, she was punished for daring to question Athena. Though she was condemned to haunt caves and scare off heroes for eons, the modern day Medusa has a swagger and sex appeal that is hard to resist. She doesn't allow herself to be closed off from the world anymore. Buy a medusa costume for Halloween today!

Medusa Costume Ideas and Tips

Grecian soldiers better watch out! Medusa is a formidable monster that puts men in their place with a single glance. And if looks could kill, you'd be a slayer of hearts in one of our sexy Medusa costumes for Halloween or cosplay. Or put on a show at a local theater with the help of these intricately detailed ensembles. Choose from a variety of costumes in lovely gold, black, and green tones. Glitter and glam rock out these duds so all eyes will be on you. 

And don’t forget to check out or collection of accessories that includes snake themed headpieces, convenient makeup kits, and glittery gold necklaces and bangles that are guaranteed to take your costume over the top. Pair this costume with one of our other mythical collections like Egyptian or Roman costumes to create an epic theme ensemble with your family or friends. Shop our Medusa collection of costumes and accessories online today.

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