Mens 50's Costumes

"Ayyy!" If you want to look your coolest this Halloween, take a tip from the king of cool, Arthur "The Fonz" Fonzarelli and wear a leather jacket. That's what the coolest cats from the 50's wore, especially if they were part of a club like The T-Birds from Grease. Leather jackets and blue jeans made you part of the Greasers, which is the most popular style of men's 50s Halloween costumes, but there are several other styles you should know about so let's take a trip down memory lane.

Mens 50s Costume Ideas and Tips

Hot dog! These men’s ‘50s costumes are totally neato. Go for a nifty vintage looking greaser or bowler ensemble that’s sure to put you in the mood for a swingin’ good time. Or opt for an officially licensed Grease ensemble and order a bunch of our Thunderbird jackets for you and your pals. Or show your more sensitive side with an officially licensed Rydell High letterman sweater. Or check out a sassy Sandy or housewife costume for a sweet couple’s ensemble. 

Feeling fancy? Check out our collection of vintage style blazers and tuxedos for some old Hollywood flair. And don’t forget to check out our men’s ‘50s accessories like our greaser kit that comes complete with makeup, wig, and super cool shades. Check out our other costumes spanning the decades and put together a group ensemble that spans generations. Order from our affordable men’s ‘50s costumes and accessories online now.

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