Mens 60's Costumes

Get that groovy feeling and share the peace and love. You have reached the section of our website that transports you back nearly half a century to the groovy 60s. We have commemorated this decade in costumes starting with the early 60s men's costumes and working all the way to wildest hippie looks from the Woodstock era. Shop our huge selection of mens 1960s costumes today!

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The greatest thing to happen in the early 60s was The British Invasion. The Beatles changed the music world and also brought new fashion trends to the US. Men started growing their hair and wearing strange clothes like the English rock stars. As the decade went on, hair got longer and the country transitioned into the hippie generation. Peace and love was the name of the game. This translated into an earthy and freestyle way of dressing. Our men's hippie costumes feature tie-dye shirts, vests with fringe, bellbottom blue jeans and peace sign accessories. Long hair was also the mainstay so be sure to add a decade appropriate wig.

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