Mens 60's Costumes

Get that groovy feeling and share the peace and love. You have reached the section of our website that transports you back nearly half a century to the groovy 60s. We have commemorated this decade in costumes starting with the early 60s men's costumes and working all the way to wildest hippie looks from the Woodstock era. Shop our huge selection of mens 1960s costumes today!

Mens 60s Costume Ideas and Tips

Our collection of men’s 60s costumes is far out, man. The 60s were all about vibrant, loud colors and lots and lots of groovy fringe. Go for a muted brown ensemble featuring all the fringe you could ever want. Or order a brightly colored, flower-covered costume that will let your inner hippie shine through … Or mix and match both fringe and crazy colors! We have an option that’s sure to suit everyone, so pick your favorite. 

Be sure to check out our collection of affordable accessories including shaggy mustaches and hairpieces, shoulder bags emblazoned with funky peace signs, vintage style brown sandals, musical instrument props, cool temporary tattoos, and so much more. With convenient options in sizes ranging from men to women and children, your entire family can go back in time this Halloween season. So share the love and order your men’s 60s costumes and accessories online today.

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