Mens Zombie Costumes

Never before has there been such a varied assortment of  zombie Halloween costumes for men. Since guys like the horror genre, and given the recent surge of zombie-themed shows and movies, the men's Zombie costumes are the ones to beat this Halloween. From the bloody clothes to the gruesome masks, we have all the looks a man could want.

Mens Zombie Costume Ideas and Tips

Zombies are always an extremely popular option for both Halloween and cosplay. Thanks to movies, video games, and, of course, TV shows like The Walking Dead, everyone loves these undead creatures. Maybe the best thing about zombies is that they are so versatile. Fans of blood and gore can opt for realistically detailed horror ensembles with bones, tatters, and fake blood. 

Those that prefer a more family friendly experience can go with the more traditional, cartoonish looking zombies. Show off your sense of humor with a funny take on the modern zombie, like the bored office worker. Or scare up some fun in a classic zombie groom costume. With so many options to choose from, you’ll not get bored of our affordable men’s horror zombie costumes. Make sure to check out our women’s and children’s collections if you’d like to create your very own zombie horde with friends and family.

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