Men's Pirate Costumes

Arrrggghh, so you're looking for a men's pirate costume, are ye? Well you've come to the right place. Pirates have had a big impact on culture since they first came to be. The first reports were in the 1600's when they scoured the high seas robbing from the East India Trading Company. However, when we think of them, it is more from the genre of fiction, such as the characters from books and movies. We envision romantic voyages with secret maps that lead to buried treasures of gold and jewels beyond our wildest dreams. Shop our collection of mens pirate costumes online today!

5 Legends: Pirates [Infographic]

Dive into the life of a 16th century Pirate with Costume SuperCenter's Pirate Legends infographic! Test your knowledge of the life of a swashbuckler as some common myths and legends are debunked or proven! How much do you know about the pirate code, or walking the plank? There's much to be learned, matey, so find out if a pirate's life is for you!

Men's Pirate Costumes

Be a memorable buccaneer this October when you choose one of the men's pirate costumes from Costume SuperCenter. Follow your treasure map right to the candy bowl, and don't stop until you're taking home all the booty.

Women's Pirate Costumes

Wear a Women's Pirate Costume this October to let it be known who really captains your ship. With a hat and sword, nobody will have you mistaken for a deckhand.

Kids Pirate Costumes

When assembling your crew this Halloween, don't forget to consider the children's costumes at Costume SuperCenter. With adorable boys and girls pirate costumes, you'll be able to occupy your Black Pearl... Or minivan... With your co-captain and a full staff of little buccaneers.

Pirates of the Caribbean Costumes

Fancy yourself a pirate, do you? If you think you can hang with the likes of Captain Jack Sparrow, then these Pirates of the Caribbean Costumes are the perfect thing for you!

Pirates of the Caribbean Infographic

Why's all the rum gone? Join the ranks of the greats like Jack Sparrow with Costume SuperCenter's Pirates of the Caribbean infographic! The famous Disney ride that inspired the hit movie franchise has been around since 1967, and there's been plenty of myths and legends about the ride that have surfaced since then. This infographic will debunk the myths and give you a full breakdown of the rest!

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