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Merfolk are mythological ocean dwellers who have the lower body of a fish and the upper body of a woman. Folklore tells stories of how they distract sailors with their beauty and hypnotic singing voices causing them to go off course or run aground. Stories mention mermaids dragging humans to their underwater kingdom of Atlantis only to drown them. It is debated whether they simply did not know that humans cannot breathe underwater of if they did it out of spite for trespassing on their ocean. Regardless of a sea nymph's existence or their motives, we can all agree that the mermaid costumes here accurately depict what we think of when we think of water sprites. Make a splash! Order mermaid costumes online today!

Five Mermaid Legends [Infographic]

Whoever said that flippin' your fins, you won't get too far never saw the fins that came with the mermaid costumes from Costume SuperCenter. And whoever thought that all mermaids came with red hair never knew about all of the non-Disney mermaid legends that are out there! Brush up on some valuable underwater information courtesy of this Mermaid Legends infographic!

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With the head and upper body of a female human and the tail of a fish, these aquatic mythical creatures capture the imaginations of kids and adults. Mermaid costumes for girls and women can be sweet or sexy, respectively. They can also be incredibly adorable as is the case with mermaid outfits for babies and toddlers. Girls mermaid costumes predominately feature variations of Ariel costumes from Disney's The Little Mermaid. These feature the purple and teal gown that everyone knows and loves. You can accessorize these mermaid costumes with a seaweed boa, an Ariel wand and tiara. You don't have to live in Atlantis to enjoy these elegant fish tailed dresses and outfits.

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Mermaid costumes aren't just for little girls. The mystery and free spirit of these water nymphs encourage a more adult outfit for Halloween. That's why we carry a magical selection of sexy mermaid costumes for women. Put out a siren's call and wag your fish tail in a women's mermaid outfit. Catch the attention of both sea creatures and party-goers with a sexy mermaid costume. Our sea siren outfits for adults wouldn’t be complete without some additional flair including brilliantly decorated starfish headpiece to complete your merfolk Halloween ensemble.

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