Michael Myers Costumes

Michael Myers is a classic horror figure, popularized by the slasher themed Halloween film series. More and more, people are turning to funny, celebrity themed, super hero or princess outfits. That's all in good fun, but bringing back Halloween to its spooky roots is even more fun! Dressing up like a monster or ghoul is the best way to celebrate the season and Michael Myers top the list of scary characters. Our collection of Michael Myers Costumes has some great choices and provides you with everything you need to look just like the psycho slasher we all love. Browse through the selection and pick out what you need today!

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Michael Myers Costume Ideas and Tips

Michael Myers is the boogeyman and you can’t kill the boogeyman. That is what makes our Michael Myers Costumes so popular each year. Michael first burst in the consciousness in a 1978 movie and hasn’t left. Included in our collection are items in both adult and child sizes, including complete costumes as well as just masks, according to his doctor, Dr. Loomis, Michael had a blank face and evil lived behind it. 

Our masks reflect that. They are simple white masks with no expression, which makes them very creepy. Some are plain, and others have hair. Newer selections include an expressionless mask with blood tears dripping from the eyes. Fans of horror movies, and especially fans of the Halloween franchise, must have a Michael Myers costume in their wardrobe. You never know when you want to dress like an evil serial killer, or the boogeyman. No killer is complete until they have a weapon, so check out our collection of prop weapons too.

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