Military Costumes

Atten-shun! All new cadets listen up! We are here to inform you that we now offer you the best selection of high quality military costumes for the upcoming Halloween season. We have full length uniforms of all branches and services of the military for men, women, and children. From private to general, become the leader of any trick or treating brigade with one of these authentic outfits.

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Other Occupational Costumes

Police Costumes

Become a keeper of the law and protector of the peace with a police costume this year! Whether you want to be a cop or a sexy SWAT team member, Costume SuperCenter has your look!

Firefighter Costumes

Whether you're looking for a men's, women's, or kids' look, you're in the right place for firefighter costumes! Save the day and put out the fires this year for Halloween!

Circus Costumes

Get a little silly at your next Halloween or costume party by showing up circus style! Get into a new circus costume from Costume SuperCenter and become a clown or a ringmaster or any other member in the tent!

Military Costumes

Get into shape this year and put yourself into an Army, Navy, Air Force, or Marines uniform with a military costume! This selection will let you celebrate whichever branch you'd like!

Astronaut Costumes

Take your Halloween out of this world by joining up with NASA and exploring the final frontier! Grab an astronaut costume from Costume SuperCenter this year from this wide selection!

Doctor Costumes

Get to the hospital, stat! This year, go as a doctor or a nurse with one of these doctor costumes from Costume SuperCenter. There's a huge selection, but get them before they're gone!

Military Costume Ideas and Tips

Get ready to gear up military style this Halloween season! Our expansive range of military costumes covers every age, from excited school-aged children to eager party-hopping adults! Every branch of the US military is covered! We offer Navy Seal costumes for boys and US Army Ranger outfits for the brave men out there! Each military outfit is designed with incredible detail and looks like an authentic uniform! 

Your young boy can look like a real, mini special forces officer in our midnight black Special Forces Officer Child Costume! We’ve got alluring military looks for the females, too! Our Sexy Militia Babe Costume, for instance, will turn heads instantly! Ladies, our wide selection of sexy sailor and soldier outfits means you take command during every costume party! Plus, our handsome military looks invite history into the present! Our dashing Men’s Military Costume harkens back to colonial times! Even our World War II costumes bring back nostalgic moments of our nation’s history! Courageously take center stage with a bold, sexy or playful military getup!

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