Mime Costumes

Show off your acting chops with a Mime costume! These Halloween outfits are modeled after the traditional mime appearance. Put on a little performance wherever you go. It doesn’t have to be in France, you can act like you’re stuck in box all over the world. We offer some quality mime costumes for kids and adults to wear.

Find A Mime Costume For Men Women And Kids

Miming is a performance art filled with fluid body movements and very expressive facial features. However, the most important rule of these silent clowns is, you can’t talk or make any sounds. There have been some famous mimes throughout history such as Marcel Marceau, Jean-Gaspard Deburau and Jacques Lecoq. The form itself actually dates all the way back to ancient Greece and has been described as the art of silence. Perhaps you will become the next world renowned mime artist!

Buy A Mime Costume For Halloween Online

We offer some variety to the classic mime style. There are some sexy mime costumes for women and ones girls can wear to begin their miming career. After choosing your ensemble, add more accessories and makeup kits to the order so you can create an original version to fit your personality. Be ready for Halloween parties, fright nights, and themed events in one of our Mime Halloween costumes.

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