Minecraft Costumes

Pretend to build in your own world with Minecraft costumes this year! Kids everywhere love Minecraft and the creativity caused by the computer game. Browse our great selection and low prices of Minecraft costumes for kids and adults to express your love for the popular game for Halloween.

Minecraft Costume Ideas and Tips

So your child has dreams to transforms into a Minecraft character this Halloween! He or she will have no problem fitting into any one of our magnificent Minecraft outfits this season! We feature an amazing selection of Minecraft animated beings, from Steve and Alex, to creepers and armor! Your child will envision a whole new world with our grand choice of Minecraft outfits! Even the adults can get in on the exciting action of Minecraft! 

Our adult sized head masks take men and women on adventures that only exist in the empires and undersea arenas! Back to the children, in whose minds Minecraft rules! Our Minecraft kids’ costumes come as basic outfits or as thoroughly extravagant out ones! Our Kids’ Steve Prestige Costume takes the cake, with its elaborate costume extravaganza! Your child can make this look doubly sensational with his fiery personality! We also offer simpler Minecraft outfits that are just as appealing! Whichever way you play the game, we offer the unique opportunity to change into a Minecraft character this Halloween!

Let's Build an 8-bit Costume!

With a throwback look and ultra-advanced play ability, Minecraft is a gaming sensation to which kids and adults alike have gravitated. Now you can bring you or your child's love of this cyber-sandbox to your Halloween with one of our officially licensed Minecraft Halloween costumes and accessories. Instantly recognizable, cute and trendy, the characters from this franchise, like The Creeper, have become some of the most beloved in pop culture today. The time has never been better to show off some Minecraft spirit. These costumes are created using simple shapes and clever concepts that keep faithful to the iconic design of the series.


Step out of your normal world and into an 8-bit universe! Create a costume in real life that represents your creations in the game's world when you check out all of the Minecraft costuming options for Halloween, cosplay and any Minecraft event year round. Just as perfect for comic book conventions as the trick-or-treat route, these versatile and comfortable complete looks are the fun and memorable Minecraft experience you have been looking for. Bring the world of Minecraft into our dimension and take your fandom to a whole new level.


All the fun your child has online in the Minecraft world can now be a live-action part of your family's Halloween with one of our officially licensed Minecraft Halloween costumes for kids. Comfortable and versatile, this collection of complete costumes and individual pieces is exactly what you and your child need to build the Minecraft costume of their dreams. Think outside the box and adorn their Minecraft costume with accessories that show off their individual personality and combine to create a costume that will have everyone talking. Together you can share a Minecraft experience like no other.


If you would rather not pixelate your entire body for Halloween, our Minecraft masks are an easy way to bring some 8-bit creativity into your Halloween without the commitment of a complete costume. Perfect for office Halloween parties, a Minecraft mask can be a functional costume on its own while requiring zero prep time. Blur the lines between technology and reality when you add one of these cleverly designed, bright and comfortable masks to any existing outfit. A great look for avid fans as well as newcomers who just like the classic style. Upgrade your favorite Minecraft costume, or create your own from scratch with one of these can't-miss full head masks.


It only stands to reason that a game all about crafting would have a spectacular selection of individual costume pieces that will allow you to build the Minecraft Halloween costume you've always wanted. With classic Minecraft designed masks, gloves and more, your look will be memorable and a favorite with all of your fellow fans. Make sure your outfit reflects your personality and what the game means to you. A combination of Minecraft accessories is a terrific way to inject your own tastes into a design everybody knows and loves. Don't settle on a base look that adds nothing that anyone hasn't seen. Have a look around and flex your creativity.


Playing Minecraft online, you meet a lot of people. Your Halloween can have that same sense of social camaraderie when you and your friends dress up as Minecraft characters and hit the Halloween scene dressed as these universally recognizable and adorable characters. Beyond Halloween, you all can relive all the fun of your live action Minecraft experience when you put your costumes back on for any gaming event or comic book convention. If you, Steve, and your friend, The Creeper, can't get enough of the crafting, building and constructing in the online world, imagine the time you will have around your kitchen table helping each other piece together the perfect group of Minecraft outfits.


After Halloween is over, don't pack your kid’s Minecraft costume away just yet, because Birthday in a Box is your easy and convenient way to throw your child a Minecraft birthday party they will never forget. With a huge selection of officially licensed Minecraft party supplies and decorations to choose from, Birthday in a Box will deliver everything you need in one handy kit that will prevent you from driving all over town, searching out individual items. No need to worry about party supply stores being out of stock. With everything from place settings to banners, and even piñatas and party favors, these party packs are quickly becoming every party planner's best friend. Party hard because you partied smart. Have a look and plan a Minecraft birthday party you are free to enjoy instead of stressing over!

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