Mr Incredible Costumes

Super size your order to become Mr. Incredible! He is a member of a superhero family and possesses extreme strength. Our Mr. Incredible costumes are modeled after his appearance in The Incredibles, a film revolving around the family and their mission. Our collection is full of quality Mr. Incredible costumes that are even officially licensed.

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Mr Incredible Costume Ideas and Tips

Fight crime in the meteoric style of Disney’s The Incredibles! The protagonist of the show, Mr. Incredible, also famously known as the civilian Bob Parr, can attend your upcoming Halloween bash in your place! Really, the authentic you is disguised by our amazing new arrival, the Incredibles 2: Adult Mr. Incredible Classic Muscle Costume! Your heroic rise to superstardom is unmatched by any Disney hero! 

Your mighty muscles, from your biceps to your quadriceps, bulge in super-duper power from the elements of this blazing red disguise! That’s right, you can skip the workouts, because your physicality will be beefed up in this true-to-life outfit! Imagine yourself as the quintessential Super of all mankind! You may be a family man now, but you were once a major superhero! Relive your amazing younger years with our Mr. Incredibles disguise! Even though the safety of people on earth is constantly in flux, Mr. Incredible has the persistence, which occasionally fails, to save it every time! Celebrate the Halloween season in our Mr. Incredible costume!

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