Mr Potato Head Costumes

Don’t be an uncultured swine, check out some of our Mr. Potato Head costumes. Mr. Potato Head has been a fun toy since the 1950’s. He brought creativity and entertainment to children. He is still going strong today with numerous editions and themes for the classic character. Take a look at some of our Mr. Potato Head costumes to become the real life version of the popular potato.

Mr. Potato Head Costume Ideas and Tips

Did you play with Mr. Potato Head as a kid? Are you a fan Mr. Potato Head from Toy Story? We know that you answered yes to at least one, if not both, of these questions. As a toy, he is lots of fun, and he is even more fun as a Mr. Potato Head Costume. When you played with him as a kid, you could give him different looks by changing the pieces on his face. You could make him a mustached gentleman with black hat and mustache or a brainy potato when you add glasses. 

Mess up his face a bit and create a Picasso. And, of course, there’s also Mr. Angry Eyes. In the Toy Story movie series, he is the sarcastic wit of the group, always ready with a biting comment, much like irascible Don Rickles, the man who voices him. Our selections include an adult costume with potato-shaped tunic and faces pieces that so you can create your own face, including a Mrs. Potato Head. We also have a kit with eyes, ears, lips & a mustache to put on your everyday clothes. No sentient potatoes were hurt in the making of these costumes.

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