Musketeer Costumes

All for one and one for all is the phrase you and your pals shall abide by in our Musketeer costumes. There are is no “I” in team or musketeer! You are a member of France’s royal military guard and will protect them with all your life. Whatever danger arises, band together to put an end to it! Take a look at our selection of Musketeer costumes to wear and trust in our service as the Three Musketeers trust in each other!

Muketeer Costume Ideas and Tips

European military men were known as musketeers! They each carried a musket to fire away at oncoming enemy attacks! This Halloween, why not revisit the exciting 1600s and 1700s with any of our sensational musketeer costumes! Travel back in time, as grandeur and style infiltrated the military in Europe! The French bodyguards who protected the ranks of royalty were suave, genteel and oh-so-captivating! We offer the same scintillating style of the soldiers of lore with our musketeer costumes for adults! Our Men’s Grand Heritage Musketeer Costume is elaborate from head to foot! 

This dashing outfit gives wearers unsurpassed dignity and uncommon flair! With bravado, ladies, too, make an alluring musketeer with our musketeer outfits for women! Enchant fellow partygoers this costume season with our musketeer costumes for adults! Like an authentic musketeer full of polished glamour and unwitting elegance, charm your way into the festive Halloween celebrations in any of our amazing musketeer outfits!

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