Nerd Costumes

Grab your suspenders, pocket protectors, and glasses tape because Costume SuperCenter has the perfect nerd costume for you this year! Get that spot-on nerdy look whether you're an adult or looking for your kids. Shop online today and choose from this wide selection of mens and womens nerd costumes, as well as outfits for the kids! Nothing's as cute as a little boy or girl nerd on Halloween!

Nerd Costume Ideas and Tips

The popularity of the American candy sensation, Nerds, has made the debut of Nerds costumes amazing to witness! Get enveloped in a sweet and tangy box of Nerds when you sport our adult Nerds disguises! Our selection of Nerds costumes will leave you speechless, as your mouth is full of the delectable treat! When you are trick o’ treating with the kids and dressed in our Nerds disguise, every household knows just the right candy to toss into your goodie bag! 

Our Nerds tunics are so easy to wear! Like popping a box of mouthwatering Nerds candy into your mouth, simply toss on the Nerds tunic and you’re ready to party! Or, have double the fun as a Nerds couple with our Nerds Couple Costume! Wherever he goes, she goes too! Like a Nerds combo box, the two of you are attached via the costume, which makes for a wild and interesting night out on Halloween! Enjoy the sweet moments of Halloween in our Nerds costumes for adults!

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