Nightwing Costumes

Take to the streets of Gotham yourself in our Nightwing costumes. He is the superhero from DC Comics that breaks away from teaming with Batman and still fighting crime by himself. Our costumes are made to look like Nightwing in his traditional uniform. They are perfect for fans to get into character!

Nightwing Costume Ideas and Tips

DC Comics’ Nightwing is one spectacular character! The young lad trained under Batman, which led to the formation of the duo Batman and Robin. Nightwing, also fondly known as Richard “Dick” Grayson, developed his superpowers to unimaginable heights! This Halloween choose from our selection of Nightwing costumes to make your child’s costume party one to remember! Our deluxe Nightwing disguises are designed to fit boys of varying sizes from 4 to 14! 

Whether your child fits into small, medium or large, our Nightwing costumes are perfect for him! Our foam padded jumpsuits give your son the likes of superhuman strength, with muscles bulging out of the biceps and pecs! All your child needs to do is add his own unique, powerful facial expressions, and he’s set for Halloween as a hero who bravely fights crime, with a little lightheartedness in the process! Your best guy will happily run the bad boys out of town in our amazing DC Comics Nightwing costumes!

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