Ninja Costumes

Lurk through the shadows this Halloween in a ninja costume, and pick the right time to strike. No one will see you coming when you make your move in one of these Boy's Ninja Costumes. If you want to beat the bad guy with stealth and sweet karate moves, then these outfits are perfect for you. Don't let the big boss win. You are the hero and the last hope, so it is your responsibility to stop him. Kick and punch your way to victory. Buy a ninja costume today!

5 Facts: Ninjas [Infographic]

Whether your favorite ninjas come in threes or turtle version, they've been known for centuries as the masters of the shadows and deception. Find out what's fact and what's fiction about these martial artists, and take a deeper look into the ancient lore of ninjas.  This 5 Facts Infographic to find out more about ninjas, like what their uniforms consisted of and how many ninjas were female!

Kids Ninja Costumes

Help your little man become a ninja with a brand new boy's ninja costume this Halloween! He can wield his sword and defend his honor like a silent samurai with a new outfit. And if your little girl is a fan of throwing stars, get her into a girl's ninja costume to help take her Halloween from a regular day to a trip back in time to ancient Japan! The possibilities are endless with this selection of costumes for kids.

Men's Ninja Costumes

Become a silent but deadly warrior in a men's ninja costume for Halloween! You can don the black cloak and wield some shurikens to take down your foes in shadowed silence!

Women's Ninja Costumes

Did you know many women were actually ninjas in historical Japan? Now you can join the ranks, whether you're looking to be menacing or sexy in a new women's ninja outfit!

Buy Ninja Costumes For Kids And Adults

Get the costume that will hide your cold, dark face behind a ninja mask so nobody knows your true identity. We have classic ninja outfits, Power Ranger costumes, G.I. Joe, and more. Suit up, stay hidden, and remember, only fight when you have to. Toughness and kung-fu skills are a part of being a warrior of the night, but the true identity lies within peace and serenity. Knowing when to fight for good and when to walk away is the ninja way.

Shop Ninja Halloween Costume Accessories

Don't just stop at buying one of these ninja suits. Get some accessories with it as well. You can't possible fight all of the evil warriors without your razor sharp Samurai sword or a set of throwing stars. Check out our prop and accessory sections for all the ninja weapons you'll need to be a powerful hidden warrior. Shop awesome shinobi costumes at super low prices today!

Find Awesome Female Ninja Costumes For Women And Girls

Our online Halloween store has a great selection of female ninja costumes. We have tough but cute kunoichi outfits for girls. With a sexy ninja costume for women you won't remain unseen. Get great deals on masked martial arts master outfits for Halloween.

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