Octopus Costumes

If you have an inkling of an idea to be a sea creature, try one of our Octopus costumes. These animals are pretty cool and have some amazing features to help them survive underwater. They are also extremely intelligent and crafty. So, of course it’s a smart pick to become one for any upcoming event!

Octopus Costume Ideas and Tips

When you need an extra hand at picking out a humorous Halloween costume, look no further than our octopus costumes! Featuring eight tentacles and a goof expression, our Octopus Adult Mascot Costume will steal the show at your costume party! Why not even hand out drinks to all the partygoers with your eight sizeable arms! This bright orange and aquamarine blue costume will stand out amongst the crowd of costumers at your Halloween celebration! 

Your little bundle of joy can get in on the marine theme, too! Our Octopus Infant Costume is cuddly soft, so your baby can wear it all Halloween afternoon without a fuss! In fact, the only thing your tot will fuss over is which arm to use to grab the Halloween treats! After all, as a mini octopus, your little one has plenty of resources! Our infant octopus outfit features a comical expression, making this disguise picture perfect while your baby wears it!

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