Optimus Prime Costumes

For a Pacifist, Optimus Prime sure fights a lot of battles. As leader pf the Autobots, he protects earth from Megatron and the Decepticons. Put on one of our Optimus Prime Costumes this Halloween and you can be the powerful Transformer. We’ve got a great selection, low prices and great customer service. Once you order our quality Optimus Prime outfits and accessories, they will be shipped promptly from our warehouse.

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Transformers are from the planet Cybetron. They are robots that can disguise themselves as other things, such as vehicles. Like all Transformers, Optimus changes from a humanoid to a vehicle at whim. In the original cartoon, he even could blast energy from his eyes and he can often fly. In a recent live action film, Optimus is alone and being chased by the U.S government when he befriends human Cade Yeager. He regroups with fellow Autobots including Bumblebee, Hound and Grift and allies with the Dinobots against the evil Decepticons.

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We have a super selection of Optimus costumes for men, boys and toddlers. We even have a sexy Optimus Prime costume for women to choose from. His weapon of choice is a long sword, which he uses when attacking foes like Megatron, Galvatron and Lockdown. Don’t forget to order a sword to go along with your Optimus Prime costume.

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You won’t be able to transform into a truck like Optimus Prime can, but you will look like a cool autobot when you put on one of our Optimus Prime costumes. Use our easy online ordering system to place an order now before Halloween.

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