Pac-Man Costumes

In an age of complex role playing games with endless missions, a little video game nostalgia is needed. Celebrate your love for old style games by wearing a Pacman costume. These classic video game outfits are always popular on Halloween. Buy your Pac-Man costume today!

Find The Best Pac Man Costumes Online

Order your Pac-Man costume for Halloween from Costume SuperCenter and enjoy the low prices. Get the perfect costume for kids and adults based on the 1980 Japanese Namco game that changed media forever. Bring your childhood to life in the bright yellow ensemble!

Buy A Pac-Man Halloween Costume Online Today!

Shop our great selection of Pac-Man kids and adult’s costumes. Party with other PAC-Man game characters like the Ghosts, Blinky, Pinky, Inky and Clyde and the female Ms. Pac-Man to create a game themed night that everyone can enjoy on Halloween. Practice the noises from your preferred Golden Age arcade game too to add authenticity.

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