Pac-Man Costumes

In an age of complex role playing games with endless missions, a little video game nostalgia is needed. Celebrate your love for old style games by wearing a Pacman costume. These classic video game outfits are always popular on Halloween. Buy your Pac-Man costume today!

Pac-Man Costume Ideas and Tips

PacMan has riveted the gaming world for 35 years! Starting out as a simple arcade game, PacMan has reached iconic status! This costume season, dip into the excitement of PacMan with our Men’s Pac-Man Opposuit! The lively ghouls in the PacMan games are scattered throughout the dark suit, adding pops of festive colors to the ensemble! Put on this flamboyant PacMan suit and experience a night of fun in PacMan style! 

Your sophisticated look starts with this slender fit pair of pants, also brilliantly patterned with PacMan ghosts in red, light pink, orange and pastel blue! The fitted suit matches the pants, suggesting a lively PacMan theme throughout! Even the included tie bursts with the PacMan theme! PacMan fans, you are in for a truly delightful feast of fashion and flair! Be the sophisticated gamer you are in our amazing Men’s Pac-Man Opposuit! Like PacMan, this outfit will never go out of style!

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