Padme Costumes

Travel to a galaxy far far away with one of our own officially licensed Padme costumes this Halloween! Become the warrior queen of Naboo the Sith alongside the members of the Jedi Order. With one of our high quality Padme Amidala costumes, you can fight against the Separatists and save the Galactic Republic. With our easy shipping and competitive prices you won’t have to fight any battledroids to find a deal this season!

Padme Costume Ideas and Tips

Star Wars fans, behold our Padme costumes! This Halloween, journey to unknown galaxies and brave the distant past as you travel through the universe and back in time! Our wide selection of Padme costumes lets you participate in the adventures of Star Wars! Whether you’re an adult or a child, our incredible range of Padme outfits will fit you perfectly! The ladies have a choice selection of Padme disguises! 

Our scintillating Star Wars Padme Jumpsuit Adult Costume hugs every curve with its crisp, white colors! Our Star Wars Deluxe Padme Amidala Adult disguise features a dramatic, off-white shawl in the style of the famed Padme herself! Your children can transform into a mini Padme Amidala with any of our Padme children’s outfits! The Deluxe Child Padme Amidala disguise is perfect for any girl sized 4 to 10! Our offerings don’t stop there! Whichever way you style it, we’ve got a Star Wars Padme outfit just for you!

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