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Be blue and happy at the same time this Halloween. Put on a Papa Smurf costume, which is available from us at our low prices. We carry complete costume sets as well as Papa Smurf masks and all are available at our everyday low prices. Buy your Papa Smurf costume online.

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Papa Smurf first appeared close to 60 years ago in a comic. An important character, he has appeared in the Smurf animated TV show and all the movies too. Like all Smurfs, he is blue. He wears a red cap and pants and sports a white beard and mustache. Our selections include costume sets with pants, hat, mustache and beard, and they are available in both children and adult sizes.

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The wise old leader of the Smurf village, Papa Smurf wants all the Smurfs to be safe, which is why he tells them to stay away from the forbidden forest. But one day, Smurfette notices an unknown Smurf in the forest and sets out to find her. While walking through the forest, she is captured by Gargamel. Fortunately, her friends save her. Papa Smurf is very upset about this and punishes her by grounding her.  But that night, she, along with several of her Smurf friends, sneaks out to explore the hidden forest again. Papa goes into the Forbidden Forest all alone to find his Smurfs. He finds Smurf Grove, filled with female Smurfs and his old rival, Smurf Willow. 

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Look good for your old flame. With his white beard and signature red hat, the leader of the Smurfs is always popular for Halloween. Order a Papa Smurf costume today and we will ship it to you quickly. And don’t forget about your friends and family. We have many more Smurf costumes available to order.

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