Peasant Costumes

Serve your master and kingdom in any of our Peasant costumes. Though you may be oppressed, you serve as a backbone for the community. While you can be a regular citizen in the slums, there is always hope to rebel and fight back against the feudal system. Whatever role you decide, pick any of these villager costumes to look the part of a lowly serf.

Peasant Costume Ideas and Tips

Commoners, too, have impeccable style! This Halloween season, take glory in any of our peasant costumes! You may be the lowest rung in the Medieval England feudal system, but you will be one romantic character in your upcoming Halloween celebration! Before you swear an oath of obedience to your local lord, duke or earl, promise yourself that you’ll enjoy a jolly good time holding a beer and wearing any one of our peasant disguises! Gentleman, our Medieval Mercenary Costume will have you rolling in romance, with the rich, wine colored peasant top! 

The leather like vest and belt give you uncommon airs! Boys, you too, can be among the ranks of the humble peasants, when you wear our Boy’s Medieval Noblemen Costume! The bold red only hints at your fiery personality! Our Girl’s Lady of the Court Costume is ideal for young women with a taste for the medieval life, as they sit at their cottage windows, gazing at youthful shepherds grazing their livestock! Endless character options await you with our selection of authentic peasant costumes!

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