Pharaoh Costumes

Rule the Nile, become a pharaoh this Halloween! We have an amazing selection of pharaoh costumes for men and kids, and at great prices. With our easy-to-navigate online ordering and quick shipping, you’ll have your pharaoh costume before you can enslave an entire group of people and build pyramids! Get your pharaoh Halloween costume today!

Pharaoh Costume Ideas and Tips

The Valley of the Kings is where mummified pharaohs lie buried, their luxurious tombs raided by tomb robbers over the centuries! Many undiscovered tombs remain secret! What an exciting prelude to Halloween night! Return to the land of the pharaohs in any of our pharaoh costumes! You’ll revisit the thriving civilization of Egyptian royalty, who ruled successfully for 3,000 years! 

Our richly designed Pharaoh Adult Costume exudes regal airs! The golden toned trim along the sash, chest plate and headpiece add gorgeous detailing to this shimmery, all-black ensemble! Children, who were not old enough to rule in ancient Egypt but who were on the throne, had regents who made decisions in their stead. Now, transform your child into one of those powerful child pharaohs with our Pharaoh Child Costume, fully decorated with gold tones to match dad’s pharaoh outfit! Stand tall and proud in our regal pharaoh disguises this Halloween!

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